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1000+, Yes you’ve read that right. But how could you? When could you? Let’s start from the very beginning…

I have previously written about what sparked my interest in reading and how much it has shaped who I am as an adult in a previous post. It’s been important to me to instill that same value in reading to my daughter.

She’s currently in 1st grade, reading on a 5th grade level and math at a 3rd grade level. How did she accomplish this? I believe she has, by becoming an avid reader since the age of 1. I felt that it’s important for children to enjoy learning outside of school, but to also really enjoy and love reading. So many times, children have become bored or uninterested in reading, but it’s something that has to be encouraged at home as well as in school.

We make reading a part of our everyday lives. I encourage my daughter to read any and everything and if she has a hard time I help her. I don’t limit her by her age now because I want her to understand the meaning and understanding of words, so I help her to stretch by reading upper level books to expand her vocabulary.

We created a routine with our daughter early on with reading to her every night at bedtime. In the beginning we repeated books but remained consistent at reading to her every night. This eventually progressed when she entered Pre-k at 3 yrs old, we began a library schedule. We would go to the library every weekend and check out books for her and read them to her every night. We eventually increased the amounts to 30-35 books checked out every 2 weeks from 10-12 every week. I would read 2-3 books to her every night and we are still on that schedule now. This is how we met and surpassed 1000 books. It sounds overwhelming but it’s easy to complete if you make it fun and stay consistent.

Here are some tips:

Register them for a library card. Owning their own library card gives them so much excitement.

Choose a library that offers fun areas for them to play and explore. It helps to keep their energy levels up while being in a library setting.

Help them choose books that are within their age range at first.

Allow them to choose their own books as well as register.

Join the library programs and events to ignite more excitement for reading.

Make sure you register with your local library so that the books you check out will be counted (This is in addition to having a library card) or you can keep a paper log

While creating this post, I ran across this initiative at my local library, 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. How amazing was this alignment?! To read more about the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten check out the link above.

Children’s literacy is so very important to help them grow and learn in more areas than just reading. Reading helps to establish the foundation to understanding all of the other subjects and in cultivating their intelligence at a young age will help to ensure that.

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