Spotlight on Featured Book Author: Tora Spraggs



I am introducing the new Featured Book Author series here on the blog, to help place a spotlight on published authors who have authored or co-authored amazing fiction or nonfiction books.

The authors that are featured are women and men who have positive outlooks on life and positive messages to share. If you know of an author, or would like to be featured, complete the Featured Book Author Form and I will feature your published work.

Featured Book Author



Tora “ToraNado” Spraggs is a dynamic business woman and author with a diverse purpose, possessing a unique mix of entrepreneurship and inspirational work. As the owner of Mosaic Magnolias; Tora delivers the message that your past traumas should not dictate and determine your future, “You were born to bloom”. She believes that building a strong foundation in faith during your healing process is a major key to success. As a unique entrepreneur and also a motivational speaker, Tora aims to make a difference with her personal story.

Featured Books

From Wandering to Walking in Faith: Breaking the Stronghold of Abuse



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