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I am embarking on a new journey and a new me this year. Learning how to become the woman God wants me to be. I have gone through a lot in my short life time, puppy love, infatuation, heartbreak, marriage and all the things you can think of during a break up.

There are things in your life you can't control, but there are ways you can choose to deal with them. By leading a life that is God-Centered, instead of Self-Centered, you can open up the doors to so much happiness and true love for not only yourself but others around.

I have been so thankful to have found Dr. Matthew and Dr. Khamilah Stevenson through their videos and broadcasts from their church, All Nations Worship (ANWA). I have never been so convicted by the word of God than I have been through watching and following them. You can find out more about them and, here.

Dr. Matthew Stevenson III 

My mother raised me as a young teen mom and now is a successful Registered Nurse and CPR Instructor. She has been my rock and my mentor though out my life,  and I love her dearly for it. There is also a need for pastoral leadership and mentorship in my life that can show me through God's word, what a  woman of God should be, expect and grow into in life.

That is why I am so glad that I decided to sign up for The Online Single Woman's Conference 2017 (TOSC17)

The amazing couple, Pastors Jamal and Natasha Miller, Married and Young, are hosting TOSC17, with an amazing lineup! They have created this conference to help women of all ages learn how to get into position to be the best they can be in God centered relationships. TOSC17, is specifically geared towards single women, this conference can help any woman struggling with giving and receiving what they deserve out of people in their Christian walk.

TOSC 2017’s theme this year is….(Drumroll please)…

“Single, But Not Desperate!”

As your friend, I really want you to be there because I believe it will be LIFE CHANGING for you -- & the best part is that the conference is COMPLETELY ONLINE, which means (no airfaire, no hotel fees, no hassles of packing, & you can watch it from the COMFORT of your home in your PJ’s if you like…)

SO, as someone who cares about you, I wanted to make sure that YOU have the opportunity to sign up for this conference under the EARLY BIRD PRICE!!

When you register for TOSC 2017, you WILL:

-BE EMPOWERED to be contently single and never be prey to desperation

-BE FREED from your past, failed relationships, and baggage that could destroy future ones

-BOLDLY love and embrace yourself so that you can receive love from others

-AUDACIOUSLY live out your single season walking in PURPOSE

UNDERSTAND how to date God’s way

-KNOW how to position yourself to be found by a REAL man of God

(or) how to rightly pursue a REAL woman of God

- RECOGNIZE counterfeits so you DON’T COMPROMISE and avoid them

This year’s lineup of speakers includes the authors

DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good

Don’t miss out on this AMAZING conference while it’s still available for the :

$115 (Until March 31st) It will be $247 after that date, so get it while it's good!

Register here 

…and prepare for a LIFE-CHANGING CONFERENCE…

I’ll see you there friend!

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