Influenster Vitality Vox Box | #VitaVoxBox First Impressions

Influenster Vitality Vox Box

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Influenster Vitality Vox Box




 First Impression: Incredibly moisturizing and it was non greasy. The smell is super sweet and really smells delicious. I love this lip balm and carry it everywhere I go now. (Pomegranate Blueberry Retail Value: $3.49)

Soft Lips Cube
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First Impression:  This serum is very moisturizing and very thick. It smooths wrinkles and minimizes the look of large pores.

(Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered By Ceramide Caplet Serum Retail Value: $60 for 1.0fl oz)

Elizabeth Arden
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First Impression: I liked the sweetness of the gummies and they definitely gave me energy. There is a bit of an aftertaste but it's to be expected. (Bikini Ready Energy Gummies Multi-Flavored Retail Value: $14.99 bottle of 50 gummies)

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies
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First Impressions: These tampons are very flexible and comfortable. They aren't harsh or irritable to the skin. I do wish they were more absorbent but for the price they can't be beat.

(Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons Retail Value: $3.99 box of 16)

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
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Products Not Pictured:

First Impression: Best tasting tea I've had. I've purchased this brand before and love. The sweetened tea tastes great and the unsweetened is just as fresh and tasty. I added vanilla stevia to my unsweetened tea and it still tasted great.

(Pure Leaf Unsweetened Ice Tea Retail Value: 1.50-5.50 18.5 fl oz)

Pure Leaf Tea
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First Impression: I have not had the chance to use this product yet, and I'm hoping I don't have too. It will definitely come in handy the next time my husband goes biking riding on his motorcycle. He suffered from severe sunburn the last time he went and we definitely needed a product like this on hand.

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream
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(Retail Value: $5.97-8.99)

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