Week 2| Your Channel or Mine YouTube Link Up #YCOMHop

The #YCOMHop  is the perfect place for connecting Vlogs and Vloggers and helping us turn our Readers into Viewers...

THANK YOU for helping to make our very first week a success! We had 7 Channels Link Up with a total of 148 Views and 11 Vlogs.Videos Shared with 145 Views! That is awesome and I am so happy that we are connecting with new Vlogs and Vloggers – that’s what the Your Channel Or Mine Hop is all about...

Join us This Week and help us connect and share with even more Vlogs and Vloggers.



Your Hosts for the #YCOMHop:


Channel: http://www.youtube.com/thelovelyphotog

Blog: http://www.thelovelyphotog.com

Mrs Tee

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TeeLoveLifeLaughter

Blog: http://www.mrsteelovelifelaughter.com


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FromHausToHome

Blog: http://www.fromhaustohome.com

#YCOMHop Guidelines

1) Visit, View, Comment and Subscribe to your Hosts
2) For the Channel LinkUp be sure to link Directly to your YouTube Channel URL (http://youtube.com/user/YOU)
3) For the Channel Hop you can Link Directly to 2 Recent Vlogs or Videos
4) Visit, View, Comment and Subscribe to your fellow Vloggers Links
5) Grab our button up above and let others know about #YCOMHop and where you share your Vlogs each week
Simple and easy, right? We want to connect, share and introduce a few new Channels and Vloggers and have a bit of Channel Hopping fun while doing it.
Psst! Don’t forget to spread the Channel Hopping fun and let everyone know that

~ Now Let’s Get This Hop Started ~