Flawless Giveaway Haul| My Favorite Etsy Shops Giveaway by Flawlessly Flawed




I absolutely love handmade items. I support small businesses and women who love to craft creative things. When I saw that Anna, from Flawlessly Flawed was hosting a giveaway, I just had to join.

There were a lot of great goodies as prizes!

Anna, of Flawlessly Flawed Design Studio,  is in marketing/graphic design. She created a creative and professional design for my resume'

Emily of EmDash Paper Co., gifted a Handwritten Moleskin Journal, with my personal quote, "Life Life Fearlessly"

Alisha of Eclectic Star, gifted a Honey Jade Leather Wrap Bracelet

Kel of Rkitekt, gifted a Leather Card Carrier in Polka Dot with Tassel

Chelsea from Luna and Louise, gifted a Green Ombre Wood Necklace

Emma of Narrow Lines, gifted a Leather Pouch with Contrast Zipper

(Pictured Below)


I'm so happy to have won all of these awesome prizes from these ladies!

Thanks again for gifting your handmade items!