The Lovely Life TV| Our new family vlogging channel!


As if blogging wasn't enough, I've decided to create a family vlogging channel! I've been watching other YouTubers that have family channels and I absolutely love the idea! The best thing about having a family vlogging channel is that you can chronicle your family and the fun times you have together and you automatically have home videos for you to look back on. This is especially nice because we have a little one who is always doing something, she's smart and loves to talk. Vlogging will make a way for our family to have clean edited videos for us to share with our family and friends. Of course the videos will be public, but we won't be vlogging every minute of our lives, so there's a nice balance.

We will be posting fun vlogs, tutorials, and tag videos. We're starting soon and look forward to sharing our channel with you guys!

Our channel is called The Lovely Life TV!

Check it out and subscribe if you love vlog channels!


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