Lavender Dreams|#Click Chicks Photo Challenge

Click Chicks Photo Challenge April  

I'm excited about this month's Click Chicks Photo Challenge as a Co- Host

with Krystal's Kitsch (Host) and Mrs. Tee (Co-Host) for the month of April.

It's officially Spring, and beautiful things will be happening!


I love the color purple! I found these lovely flowers on a photo walk one weekend. They were a beautiful lavender, paste color and had to take a picture. If it looks familiar, it's because I took a closer shot of this and made it  header on YouTube Channel. I love landscape photography and this type of flower reminds me of myself, uniquely beautiful!

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What's Your Favorite Color?

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April Prompts

4/3 Animals

4/10 Fruit

4/17 Pastels

4/24 Sunshine