This group was created for encouragement, inspiration, and collaboration with other fearless creatives who have taken the leap of faith to fearlessly pursue their passions and purpose, whatever they may be.

My intention is to create a community of women who don’t hold back on what they want out of life, themselves, or seek to accomplish in this life, in spite of society’s standards of careers, social standing or perception.

This is a group of women who will provide support for one another in whatever venture they pursue and in hopes in creating this community we will be able to flourish in the face of adversity.

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Featured Book Authors

I am introducing the new Featured Book Author series here on the blog, to help place a spotlight on published authors who have authored or co-authored amazing fiction or nonfiction books.

The authors that are featured are women and men who have positive outlooks on life and positive messages to share. If you know of an author, or would like to be featured, complete the Featured Book Author Form and I will feature your published work.