About lesha

I am a small business owner, photographer, at LeSha Brewer Photography & Designs LLC currently living in Arkansas. My interests range from beauty to arts and crafts. My other interests includes writing and media design.

"My hope is to capture all of the lovely moments in life and to live and inspire." Live life fearlessly, LeSha Brewer, The Lovely Photog



My business started a little after I had my daughter. She is a smart and beautiful little girl and I’m blessed to be her mom. When she was a toddler, we worked with boutiques and designers through a modeling agency for children. I photographed all her pictures myself instead of hiring a photographer.

At first photography was an outlet for me. I had only ever focused on nature and landscapes. And now here was this little human that changed my perspective on of photography. It was a therapeutic hobby I had for some time before my little angel came along, but as time went on, I became more intrigued by the field and wanted to perfect my craft.

What made me go professional, was my growth in photography and the need to move purpose into my craft. How could I be happy doing what I love, but also remain happy in business?

By providing moments, memories, and snippets of people’s lives that can be cherished forever. I wanted people to experience the same feeling I got back then, by helping to provide memories to look back on because of photographs. It’s truly a rewarding field.


If you get into the heart of what I do and why, you’ll find that I create a welcoming environment to women to release their fears and insecurities and to step out of their zone and become comfortable with themselves enough to embrace their own image. Also, to encourage and inspire creatives to fearless pursue their passions whatever they may be.

I continue to use authenticity and my own experience as a motivation to stepping out in confidence. I make sure that women understand that it’s okay to feel hesitant, but to understand that photographs are powerful, just like they are. I hope to help people become empowered by the essence of strength and beauty in their images



My purpose grew into something that comes naturally to me, which is uplifting, encouraging and speaking life into people who need it.

I also hope to inspire people to step out in Faith in pursuing their aspirations in life.

I love helping entrepreneurs who are driven and want to change the way they view themselves and their business with my photography and resources. I also want to show other women, especially mothers, that we can do it all with the Faith, resilience and the right tools.

For Local Creatives: If you’re interested, I invite you to a complimentary consultation with me to discuss a portrait branding session.


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